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For employers: Build and Manage an IDM Team

Are you a DM employer building an IDM Team to create a new video game? Or do you have to manage a rapidly expanding IDM Team as your company merges with a competitor?

This Digital Media HR Toolkit is your perfect resource. It can help you:

All prepared by and in consultation with practising professionals in the DM industry.

For workers: Advance Your Career

Are you an artist or computer programmer who wants to join an IDM team?

You can reach into this Digital Media HR Toolkit to summarize your skills for your job interview. You can identify the skills you lack and plan your PD accordingly either on your own time or in concert with your employer.

For educators and trainers: Develop Your Curriculum and Course Content

As an educator or trainer of emerging DM workers you want to be fully attuned to the DM industry's current needs, so your students get the skills for the jobs that await them.

The Digital Media HR Toolkit's resources, developed by DM industry professionals, will help you create your curriculum and course content to respond to the skill demands of DM employers.

Toolkit Contents

Chart of Competencies (for Creation, Project Management and Business functions)

The Competency Chart includes all the skills that an Interactive Digital Media Team must demonstrate to be successful. This Competency Chart refers to functions - creation, project management and business.

Access the chart as a web app that you can cut and paste into your documents or as full colour printable PDF files in 8.5 x 11" and 11 x 17" formats.

Competency Profile for the Creation function

The Creation function refers to the process of conceiving, creating and producing interactive digital media experiences from start to finish. Artistic and, technical skills are among the competencies pertaining to this function

Competency Profile for the Project Management function

Project management refers to the function of directing, supervising and controlling a project from beginning to end. Although team leads may exercise all or part of this function, it resides most often in a single worker responsible for managing the project.

Competency Profile for the Business function

Business refers to the function of the business operation at a high level; it involves securing and overseeing the financing of the project and ensuring its successful marketing and distribution.

Training Gaps Analysis

This Training Gaps Analysis for Digital Media Teams includes:

  • a survey of training offerings across the country
  • an assessment of training needs
  • an analysis of training gaps and recommendations

Context Paper: Where Creativity Meets Technology in the Digital Economy

This paper provides an understanding of the importance of creative and technological expertise with skilled entrepreneurship in the development of successful new products, services and business models in the IDM content creation industry

Purchase the Digital Media HR Toolkit


Purchase the Digital Media HR Toolkit

"This positive collaboration between DM employers and workers and CHRC has led to a deeper understanding of the DM industry's uniquely talented workforce and its training needs," says Donald Henderson, CEO of Interactive Ontario

"These tools give educators a clear picture of the evolving needs of the DM industry. They'll help the education system keep pace with our fast moving industry." - Louie Ghiz, Business Development Director at New Media Manitoba