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CHRC has numerous resources to assist you in your career. In addition to the links below, be sure to check out the research section of our web site.

Careers in Culture
For those interested in a career path in Heritage, explore CHRC's The Art of Storytelling - Careers in Heritage web site.
Human Resources in Canada's Built Heritage Sector
Mapping the Work Force and Setting Strategic Priorities(2004)
This study was commissioned by the Cultural Human Resources Council, supported by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada and Parks Canada. The study builds on previous work undertaken by the Heritage Canada Foundation (HCF).

Librarians and Library Technicians - Training Gaps Analysis (2006)
Executive Summary (PDF)
The full report, Training Gaps Analysis: Librarians and Library Technicians (which includes the Executive Summary), and the companion publication 8Rs The Future of Human Resources in Canadian Libraries are available for purchase from the Canadian Librarian Association at orders@cla.ca or 613-232-9625, extension 310.