Managing and Mentoring

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CHRC has numerous resources to assist you in your career in managing and mentoring. In addition to the links below, be sure to check out the research section of our web site.

HR Manangement Toolkit
Improve and expand the scope of your HR activities with our HR Management Toolkit developed specially for the cultural sector.

For those interested in the career path to becoming a Cultural Mentor explore CHRC's Careers in Cultural Management site.

The National Compensation Study for Management and Administration in Not-for-Profit Arts Organizations (2009) is an update of a similar study released in 2003. Data was gathered on base salary, employee benefits and perquisites, as well as a number of other human resources issues from over 200 organizations within the not-for-profit arts sector.

Handbook of Management Skills for Artist-Run Centres
The Handbook, produced by the RCAAQ (Regroupement des centres d'artistes autogérés du Québec) is an essential tool which covers all the skills needed for cultural workers in artist-run centres. It enables the reader to understand at a glance, the hierarchies involved in each set of tasks that may be encountered in artist-run centres.

Mentorship Strategy for Managers and Administrators of Cultural Organisations (2005)