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A Happy New Year to our members, friends and colleagues across the sector and across the country!

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CHRC Membership

CHRC memberships are rolling in! We are so grateful to each of you for your continuing support of CHRC and obvious interest in HR issues. A reminder that CHRC is the only national bilingual organization that includes in its mandate the entire cultural sector. It is a unique voice and platform for artists, cultural workers, employers and nfp and for-profit organizations/companies alike.

If you haven’t yet renewed your membership, please consider doing so – it’s as easy as clicking here….

Harassment and a Respectful Workplace

The cultural sector has been rocked by charges of sexual harassment (in some of our best known and best loved organizations!) – and is moving specifically and collectively to address the wrongs and correct them. This is a major HR issue with serious legal implications that will bring about a sea-change in the sector – for the good.

CHRC is swiftly responding to support these efforts and lay the groundwork for “respectful workplaces” to be the norm.

  • We have engaged a consultant to prepare an overview snapshot of initiatives across the sector that are being taken to address harassment. This will be helpful particularly for smaller organizations to adapt and adopt policies and procedures to deal with harassment. And that includes all kinds of harassment, not just sexual. A respectful workplace is the solution.

  • We will create a new chapter or tool for our HR Management Toolkit that will address harassment and how to handle it – through the lens of a “respectful workplace”.

  • We will create a webinar to help employers and workers identify harassment and deal with it systemically in their organizations.

  • [And we are creating a Board policy and procedure for CHRC to ensure that the respectful workplace we have always enjoyed and maintained is written up in the Board and Employees Manuals!]

YCW Building Careers in Heritage DEADLINE February 1, 2018

YCW Logo

Don’t forget that FEBRUARY 1, 2018 is the deadline to submit your applications for internship funding through DCH’s Building Careers in Heritage 2018/2019. Employers for the 2018-2019 Young Canada Works internships in arts practice, cultural management or arts administration. Before accessing the YCW application online, please read this important CHRC information.

A successful internship – a happy employer!
“We feel very fortunate to be a part of this program which has brought amazing young talent to our organization such as our YCW intern, Andrew. We will be bringing him on as full-time Coordinator at the end of the internship. It was also through the internship application process that we hired our Marketing and Program Coordinator, so this process has been very beneficial.”

CHRC is steadily building a record of YCW Building Careers in Heritage interns who have continued to work in the cultural sector. We run into them constantly when we monitor the internships – the employers or mentors are often former interns! If you were a YCW Building Careers in Heritage intern drop us a line and let us know. It helps to tell the story of internships in the cultural sector – and underlines their importance for organizations and emerging cultural works alike. It gives faces to the numbers that we pass on to our funders as we seek to hold onto and increase support for this programme.

An intern’s career path
“I applied for a CHRC funded position back in the spring of 2012 I believe, right after completing graduate school. I had the opportunity to work in all areas of the organization (Fund Development, Arts Programming, Marketing, and Festival Production). After the internship ended, XXX retained me for the remainder of the year, and they were able to offer me a full time position (my current role) the following year (2013), after the departure of the Marketing Manager at the time.”

Compensation Survey

We are delighted to confirm that we received more than twice the number of responses to our Compensation Survey questionnaire received in 2008. Thank you to all the organizations that took the time and made the effort to complete the survey.

Our Mercer consultants are now slicing and dicing the results to provide figures and analysis on the compensation practices relating to administration and management in not-for-profit cultural organizations. It’s a lengthy process – we expect the study to be published in March.

Talent 2 Lead draws to a close

T2L LogoTalent 2 Lead (T2L), CHRC’s flagship programme to support mid-career managers up the next rung in their career ladders, is winding down after 2 years (with a hope that we can continue for a third year – but funding not confirmed yet….). You will remember that participants in the programme were chosen through a selection process. They were matched with mentors and received teaching through monthly webinars, based on CHRC’s HR Management Toolkit, and web resources. A total of 42 promising mid-career cultural managers have passed through the programme and some are already moving on to new leadership positions.  

And while congratulating our “leaders of tomorrow”, a huge vote of thanks has to go to our “leaders of today”! The mentors who generously offered their time and thought to support those coming up behind them. Together they made the programme successful.

Words used to describe their mentors and mentorship, as participants summed up their T2L experience, were:

Le match est parfait.
I hit the jackpot.
Il était engagé et intéressé.
Il était une personne de grande qualité.
Elle était fantastique.
We had a super relation.
He was encouraging and enlightening.
Elle était disponible et fantastique.
She pushed me to the next level.
He gave me confidence and helped me solve problems.

Almost all believe they will continue to have a relationship with their mentor, though not as formal. All felt that they would someday too be mentors.

Cultural Pluralism in the Arts Movement Ontario (CPAMO)

CPAMO is continuing its workshops on inclusion and cultural diversity. CHRC is pleased to be part of this process. The January workshop will be led by Work in Culture.  That organization, with the support of a Trillium grant, has developed very useful resources to help organizations identify inclusion and cultural diversity in their ranks and in their offerings. With CPAMO it is leading the discussion on how to be inclusive in staffing and programming to ensure that the cultural diversity of our country is reflected in operations and outreach. See their Inclusion Toolkit.

Cultural Statistics – what do we want?

Statistics Canada is interested in exploring “data issues and challenges related to the exchange, consumption and participation in or with culture and/or artistic works, objects, events and services within the arts, culture and heritage sectors.”

Through facilitated sessions and via the members of the Culture Statistics Strategy Consortium, including CHRC, they are asking culture stakeholders to inform them of their statistical needs and to discuss the possibilities for collaboration and innovation in the realm of culture statistics. 

Statistics Canada is “open to all feedback and is especially interested in hearing from stakeholders who do not often get to interact with the national statistical agency on culture statistics, such as culture associations, guilds, academia, and non-government organizations.”

Please let CHRC know if you have questions, needs or concerns related to culture statistics or if you would like to participate in this broad discussion.

This is a unique opportunity to let your culture stats needs be known!

Mass Culture

An interesting initiative that is percolating in the sector is Mass Culture/Mobilisation Culturelle - a collaborative initiative that strives to support artists, arts organizations and academic institutions across the country. The intent is to form a network, which, through research, will address cultural policy issues at organizational, sectoral, and governmental levels.

Mass Culture, is still conducting one-on-one meetings to engage the network about the current needs, wants, and landscape of cultural policy in Canada. If you are interested meeting with Mass Culture to find out more about the initiative and share your thoughts, contact them at

Looking for a job? Looking for talent?

Current Job Postings

Title Organisation City, Province
Directeur(trice), Communications marketing Canada Council for the Arts Ottawa, Ontario
Director, Marketing Communications Canada Council for the Arts Ottawa, Ontario
Executive Director Theatre Calgary Calgary, Alberta
Managing Director Presentation House Theatre North Vancouver, British Columbia
Coordonnateur ou coordonnatrice de l'engagement Mass Culture Toronto, Ontario
Engagement Coordinator Mass Culture Toronto, Ontario
Vice President. Marketing & Sales PFM Executive Search Vancouver, British Columbia

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Featured Organisation Plus Member

Theatre Nova Scotia

Theatre Nova Scotia is a provincial organization that serves individual theatre artists as well as organizations in the professional and community theatre realms.

Susan Annis, Executive Director
Extension 22 -

Annalee Adair, Project Manager Talent to Lead

Erma Barnett, Finance Officer

Lucie M. D'Aoust, Sr. Project Manager
Extension 21 -

Michael Lechasseur, Webmaster

A list of Board members can be found on CHRC's web site.


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