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Resources for Educators and Trainers

Workshop for Aboriginal Artists

CHRC’s Workshop for Aboriginal Artists teaches business skills to self-employed Aboriginal artists in the context of their unique worldview and perspective.

Business skills

  • As taught in the 5 chapters of The Art of Managing Your Career


Aboriginal context

  • A unique exercise in cultural mapping
  • History of the treatment of Aboriginal art in Canada over the past 150 years
  • Consideration of the placement of Aboriginal art in the public, commercial and/or community realms
  • Exploration of the sensitive and defining area of protocols
  • Examples of successful Aboriginal artists to instruct and inspire
TAMYC Workshop for Aboriginal Artists

Purchase a licence and resources for the TAMYC Workshop for Aboriginal Artists

The material related to the TAMYC Workshop for Aboriginal Artists includes:

  • Licence to deliver the workshop to a maximum of 30 participants over a period of one year
  • PowerPoint presentation (135 slides)
  • Trainer’s Guide PDF
  • Participant’s Workbook PDF
  • TAMYC Guide PDF

Workshop participants may download/print the Participant’s Workbook at no cost and purchase the TAMYC Guide and one disciplinary Enhancement for $14.99.