Have you ever wondered if you have the right competencies to succeed as a member of an Interactive Digital Media Team? Do you need extra training? What skills do you already possess that would make you an asset to a Digital Media company? Should you start your own company?

"If you are an artist, a manager, an employer, an educator or a student, you will find all that you need in the Interactive Digital Media Team chart of competencies and profile to situate yourself in your area of expertise, especially if you wish to pursue a career in Digital Media."

Ron Lamoureux
The Worx Gallery and café

Look no further.

CHRC, through its Digital Media Steering Committee of leaders in the industry and Expert Working Group of practicing professionals, has completed a Competency Chart and Profile for an Interactive Digital Media Team that will answer some of your questions and assist you in making the right career choices.

CHRC has also published Interactive Zone, to explore careers in the industry; and other resources such as Project Management 101 for the Digital Media Industry.

These are just some of the tools and resources you will find on this site.

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Other Resources

To Prepare and Support Workers For IDM Teams

  • CHRC is also developing high school teaching resources to help prepare young people who are fired up about a career in the digital media industry. Building on the IDM Team chart, we are developing a resource that will bring teachers of computer science, literary arts and visual arts together to introduce their students to the team environment of IDM content creation. To released in the 2nd quarter of 2013.
  • Also in support of those emerging IDM workers, we have updated the online version of our popular Interactive Zone, the digital media web site in our Careers in Culture series.
  • For professors, educators and trainers in university and college, we are preparing a Guide on how to use the competency chart in developing curriculum. To released in the 2nd quarter of 2013.
  • And finally, in this suite of IDM tools, we have completely updated the course resource once entitled Setting up a New Media Business in Canada. The new document "Starting up a Digital Media Business" presents in a practical and just-in-time format tips for and pitfalls in starting a DM business.