High School Teacher's Guide

Resources for Educators and Trainers


This section features helpful materials for trainers and educators at the high school, college and university levels. Resources include:

  • High School Teacher's Guide

    Designed to assist instructors/teachers at the high school level in the delivery of basic principles in career planning, development and advancement in the arts and cultural industries. The 15 lesson plans are tied directly to "The Art of Managing Your Career".
  • Post-Secondary Teacher's Guide

    Designed for artists from all disciplines and developed for teachers at the college and university level and for use by professional associations (featuring 16 modules and numerous handouts to give working artists the confidence and knowledge to successfully manage their career or business in the cultural sector).
  • Artist as Entrepreneur

    Grade 11 college preparation course material created by teachers for teachers. Focuses on ways in which entrepreneurs recognize opportunities, generate ideas, and organize resources to plan successful ventures that enable them to achieve their goals.
  • For Trainers and Educators of Aboriginal Artists

    A Workshop to teach “The Art of Managing Your Own Career”, developed by and for Aboriginal artists.
  • For Trainers and Educators of Nunavut Artists

    Workshops to teach “The Art of Managing Your Own Career” to visual artists/craftspeople, performing artists, and filmmakers. 

The Art of Managing Your Career LICENSE

The Art of Managing Your Career material is available for use in your classroom or workshop under license. This  allows a maximum of 30 participants to purchase the Guide and the disciplinary Enhancement at a reduced price ($ 14.99 instead of $ 19.99). The license, which is valid for one year, is available to non-member organisations for the sum of $399.99 ($199.99 for our members). You will receive the Teacher’s Guide (High school or Post-secondary level), The Art of Managing Your Career as well as the 8 Enhancements. Please email ldaoust@culturalhrc.ca to discuss your needs.